Kaibosh Food Rescue

Kaibosh is New Zealand’s first food rescue organisation.

Over the five years I worked here, my roles in marketing, communications, and fundraising were integral to growing Kaibosh into an established and beloved local brand.

Years 2012—2017
Location Wellington, New Zealand
Role Marketing and Communications Manager
Areas Digital, Brand, Content
URL kaibosh.org.nz

Case Study

Kaibosh Posters

Kaibosh street posters for the Make a Meal in May fundraising campaign.


Food rescue connects people who don’t have enough to eat with high-quality food that would otherwise end up in landfills, contributing to climate change. Organisations like Kaibosh run on community support, and my work here focused on building a brand Wellingtonians love.

After several years in graphic design, I joined Kaibosh because I wanted to work for an organisation that was helping people and the environment in a very real way. I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity.

From my initial role managing Kaibosh’s diverse and dedicated volunteer team, I soon saw how my design skills could combine with marketing and communications to grow the goodwill Kaibosh already had into a brand that truly connected with the local community — individuals, social and environmental organisations, and businesses alike.

As well as delivering on Kaibosh’s ongoing marketing, communications, and design needs, my key projects included the following.


I redesigned and rewrote Kaibosh’s website, incorporating SEO, mobile responsiveness, and an improved online donation experience. As a not for profit, Kaibosh wanted a clean, bright, and easy to navigate website that would convey their credibility and professionalism to potential supporters and funders. This was achieved through a homepage that allowed them to showcase imagery and statistics about their work, and a simple layout that handles text well.

Make a Meal in May

Working with a shoestring budget, I developed and ran this multi-year marketing and fundraising campaign that significantly increased brand awareness and engagement, created a groundswell of community support, and tripled the funds raised from year one to year five.

This campaign was built around giving the Wellington community a chance to show their support and raise funds while getting together over a meal with their loved ones. I designed and developed all the campaign elements, as well as generating genuine and heartfelt interaction around Make a Meal in May on social media, and working with local media for engaging, on-message coverage.

Earthquake A-Peel

This was an unusual and surprisingly successful fundraising campaign we pulled together in a very short time frame after earthquakes struck Wellington at the end of 2016, and Kaibosh was evacuated from its central city premises. The A-Peel aimed to raise funds in support of Kaibosh's move to a new site, while also putting a smile on the faces of Wellingtonians who were feeling shaky post-quakes.

The Kaibosh team hopped in their banana suits and spent the lead-up to Christmas giving away bananas at businesses and markets across Wellington as a way of generating donations. As with Make a Meal in May, I was responsible for all the campaign elements, social media, and working with media to tell the story and garner support.

Brand and Campaign Collateral

Kaibosh Posters

Brand posters.

Kaibosh Postcard

1,000,000 meals milestone postcard.

Kaibosh Postcard

Make a Meal in May postcard.

Kaibosh Website


Earthquake A-Peel Campaign

Kaibosh Earthquake A-Peel

Social media campaign header.

Kaibosh Banana Suits

Kaibosh team dressed in banana suits.

Kaibosh Earthquake A-Peel Cards

Banana labels.

Kaibosh Earthquake A-Peel Bananas

Bananas ready to give away.

Kaibosh Earthquake A-Peel Cards

Campaign postcard.

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