SafeStack is an online education platform that teaches software engineering teams to weave cyber security through everything they build. Starting from its initial New Zealand launch in 2020, SafeStack is now trusted by over 5,000 learners in 160 companies worldwide.

I established, led, and executed on all areas of marketing for this rapidly growing B2B startup.

Years 2020—2023
Location Remote
Role Head of Marketing
Areas Strategy, Product, Digital, Brand, Content, Events

Case Study

SafeStack Illustration

SafeStack illustration by Amparo Ortiz Mira.


Joining SafeStack in 2020 as its first marketer, I built the marketing function from scratch, including setting marketing strategy; establishing and delivering on product, brand, content, and performance marketing; designing and managing the marketing website; leading PR and event sponsorships; and writing and designing marketing materials.

Strategy and Leadership
  • Contributed to SafeStack’s go-to-market plan by setting and delivering a focused, effective marketing strategy. Results: 16x customer growth, including Australian and US market entry.
  • Set measurable objectives around building brand awareness, demand generation, and demand capture.
  • Established, led, and delivered across all marketing sub-functions, including product marketing, content marketing, brand marketing, and performance marketing; and strategised and executed integrated marketing campaigns across these sub-functions.
  • Hired, led, and coached SafeStack’s marketing team to successfully deliver on our strategy.
  • Monitored and communicated marketing metrics.
  • Advocated for the value of marketing across the SafeStack team.
  • Stayed across emerging trends in marketing, tech, and the competitive landscape to identify opportunities for differentiation and support strategic and tactical decision-making.
Product Marketing
  • Built SafeStack’s product marketing function. This included positioning and messaging to identify and highlight key features, benefits, and value propositions; researching competitive alternatives, prospective audiences, and use cases; creating ideal customer profiles and personas; planning and executing product launches for new programs, plans, and features; and testing new ways to increase product awareness, adoption, and usage.
  • Worked with other cross-functional leaders across C-suite, Sales, Product, Customer Experience, and Engineering on product strategy, planning, and decisions including naming, pricing, packaging, and channel distribution; and researching, implementing, and marketing new programs, plans, and features across all channels.
  • Created and updated product marketing collateral to effectively communicate product value and benefits and support prospects through the buying journey, including website content, brochures, competitor comparisons, and other sales enablement materials.
Messaging and Content Marketing
  • Owned and executed SafeStack’s messaging, with a focus on clarity and consistency.
  • Created and implemented SafeStack’s content marketing strategy. This included working with subject matter experts and leveraging thought leadership to consistently create unique, actionable content that built authority and genuine connection with a highly technical audience, regularly communicated our key messages, and engaged existing learners to increase their product usage. I also established a program of customer stories to build social proof and wrote content creation guidelines to ensure quality and consistency.
  • This content strategy was delivered across multiple channels and formats including the marketing website, blog, social media channels, downloadable resources, and email marketing. Results: 100% growth in new website users; 180% growth in blog views; 660% growth in LinkedIn followers.
Marketing Website
  • Iteratively redesigned, rewrote, rebuilt, and optimised SafeStack’s marketing website, evolving its design, messaging, and content in line with the company’s rapidly growing profile, customer base, and marketing needs.
Growth Experimentation and Optimisation
  • Worked as a revenue function with the Sales team to focus on growth experimentation and optimisation, including A/B testing, conversion rate optimisation, and account-based marketing experiments.
Brand Marketing, PR, and Events
  • Established and documented a unique and trusted brand that sets SafeStack apart from its competitors and builds genuine connection with its target audiences, and brought this to life across online and in-person channels.
  • Led event sponsorship and management, including SafeStack’s successful first-time sponsorship of top-tier tech conferences like RenderATL.
  • Led PR and communications campaigns, including management of and collaboration with external providers.
  • Organised and marketed SafeStack-hosted webinars and panels.
Marketing Design
  • Developed SafeStack’s colour palette and brand guidelines to support growing marketing requirements.
  • Marketing design and production, including marketing and advertising graphics, digital and printed collateral, conference displays, swag, and sales support materials.
Performance Marketing
  • Set up and delivered SafeStack’s performance marketing program, including audience building, campaign planning, budget management, and execution across LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads.


All mascot illustrations by Amparo Ortiz Mira.

Website, Brand, and Campaign Collateral

SafeStack Website

Marketing website: homepage.

SafeStack Blog Images

Blog header and highlight graphics.

SafeStack Postcards


SafeStack Website

Marketing website: Student Sponsorship page.

SafeStack Student Sponsorship

Student Sponsorship campaign graphics.

SafeStack Ads

Advertising graphics.

SafeStack T-shirt

T-shirt: Stay Safe Out There.

SafeStack T-shirt

T-shirt: Secure Development Champion.

Brand Guidelines, Documents, and Templates

SafeStack Guidelines

Brand guidelines: mascots.

SafeStack Guidelines

Brand guidelines: color.

SafeStack Guidelines

Brand guidelines: typography.

SafeStack Document

White paper: Software Security Roadmaps.

SafeStack Community Banners

SafeStack Community: channel banners.

RenderATL Event Sponsorship

SafeStack Team

SafeStack team at RenderATL.

SafeStack Booth

SafeStack booth at RenderATL.

SafeStack Booth

SafeStack booth at RenderATL.

SafeStack Booth

SafeStack booth at RenderATL.

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